Creating Personal Betting Skills

Creating personal betting skills takes practice but once you master it, you will find that your success rate will improve markedly and so will your bankroll!

You Better Shop Around

Don’t sign up with an offshore sportsbook because you heard about it from a friend or saw an advertisement. There are premium sportsbooks with impeccable reputations for swift payouts, excellent customer service and easy to navigate sites.

However, offshore sportsbooks run the gamut from A to F rated. It is imperative to select the right sportsbooks and for that you can turn to an industry watchdog in Here you will see actual testimonials from real bettors which will guide you to the most secure, reliable and trusted sites. SBR provides ratings on all sportsbooks and even has a blacklist to help you steer clear of the most nefarious.

But once you have identified the best books to bet with, it is important to establish accounts with at least two of these premium offshore sportsbooks. Creating personal betting skills starts with expanding your options. Why bet the Packers -10 if you can find it at -9 at another reputable book? Always seek the best numbers to gain your edge. Even a half-point can be the difference between winning and pushing (tying).

Sometimes you will be able to find even larger point spread differentials that will turn a loss into a cover (win).

Money Management

It is important that you stay disciplined. Take an affordable amount of money as your bankroll for the entire season and bet one to five percent on each wager. Some veteran bettors suggest every bet should be the same unit size so if you routinely bet $25 per game then stick to that on all your bets and never deviate.

However, there are others who suggest you use a grading system which means the games you like a little should be one-percent of your bankroll while those events you feel strongest about should be five-percent of your bankroll. Whether you bet a few bucks on a game or thousands, the rule is the same; only the amounts are different.

Do Your Homework

Creating personal betting skills maintains that you do your research which means you compare the teams playing, look for recent outcomes between the two and check injury reports. A key player who is being held out due to injury will move the line and it is your job to make sure you understand why it has happened and if your edge has been eliminated or enhanced.

It’s also a good idea to check sports gambling forums for information and opinions.

As you gain familiarity with them you will find out there are some sharp bettors who are not afraid to share their knowledge. And just remember that doing your homework is not only about focusing on the teams playing each other but making absolutely certain that the sportsbook you’re playing with will deliver a quick payout once you’ve decided to withdraw your winnings.

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